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May 5, 2015

Head Lice Preventative: I've Got an Oil for That!

When you work at a school or have kids in elementary school, sooner or later "that email" comes home. You know which one I mean, the one that lets you know (ever so politely) that a student in the school has lice.

Reading "the email" makes you itchy, in fact typing this post makes me itchy.  Well, even just thinking about it makes me squirm. (Confess, you are resisting the urge to scratch your head right now.)

So after I got over the urge to scratch, I grabbed a hair tie from my purse and got to investigating remedies.  I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say "I have an oil for that."

Within a few minutes, a friend of mine at work stopped by and asked me what I had at home that would be a good preventative.  She bought two glass bottles at lunch and I'm fixing up a spray for us tonight.

In a four ounce bottle add four drops each of Lavender and Tea Tree oils.  Shake well to mix and spritz onto hair. Just obviously be sure not to get this spritz into your kids eyes!  I've got two bottles ready one for me, and one for my friend who has a serious case of the itchy-scratchies just even contemplating this idea.

Hint: In the hopefully unlikely event you ever DID get Essential Oil in the eye, you want to flush your eye with a carrier oil (in our house that's Olive Oil.) Never flush your eye with water as it can force the essential oil even deeper into your eye. Remember, you can't dilute oil with water, you can only dilute the oil with another oil. 

By the way, Rosemary is also a great lice repellent, but I don't have that here at my house (yet.) Once again, I was able to make just what I needed with only the contents of my Premium Starter Kit! Love that!


You can get your own Premium Starter Kit by signing up HERE I hope that you'll check it out and consider list me, Joane Basile as your reference using the Member ID: 2642514.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I'd be happy to help! 

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